RIMC Previous Year Papers & Mock Tests

WEDA books for RIMC – PYP & MP series

 The RIMC is a prestigious institution where the wards/ aspiring students appear for an all India competitive examination to seek admission into the prestigious Rashtriya Indian Military College at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, better known as RIMC, Dehradun. The school is a stepping stone for the young boys and girls to embark upon their career in the future both in defence and civil Once admitted into the school the students follow a rigorous regime in academics, games, physical activities and other co-curricular activities which shapes up their personality and prepares them for undergoing competitive examinations/interviews for admissions into NDA/CDS/elite services etc. Such institutions desire motivated selfless and efficient leaders who are able to deliver wholeheartedly in the interest of the organizations where they serve.

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The Winning Edge, in collaboration with WEDA books has taken on the challenge to facilitate the onerous task and aid the aspiring students in their preparation for their written entrance examination to seek admissions into the prestigious RIMC, Dehradun . This has been made possible through a series of finely curated books having a collection of the following:

Ten previous year papers

Mock test

The above said book series have been worked upon deliberately and suitable solutions given out for Mathematics, English and General knowledge. The subject matter experts in the respective domains have painstakingly worked out solutions for the ease of better understanding by the aspiring candidates. In Mathematics efforts have been made to write steps so that the students are able to present their answers in a similar manner during the exams. Similarly various aspects of written comprehension, grammar, poems have been suitably answered for ease of better understanding by aspiring candidates. The General knowledge examination papers have been prepared deliberately and brief explanation provided in the answers. It is pertinent to mention that the subject matter experts have studied the past patterns and put in deliberate, pragmatic and logical efforts to seek answers to the questions. They have taken pains to make sure that the answers to various questions are user friendly, with explanations and are in a position to answer from the perspective of the aspiring The solutions to questions in the subject of Mathematics are delivered with adequate steps to seek maximum marks in the exam. The ‘Mock Tests’ series covers the same subjects with answers duly deliberated upon. The students must attempt these questions within the stipulated time frame and strive to seek maximum marks. This will boost the confidence of the aspiring student candidates to appear in the exam. Our book series have the following edge which will facilitate sound and a robust preparation to enable the aspiring students to seek admission into the prestigious RIMC, Dehradun:

  • Combined Previous Year Paper ( PYP) with answers
  • Deliberately created Mock Tests ( MT) with answers
  • Systematic pattern as per exam
  • Solutions prepared by subject matter experts
  • Newly created mock tests with appropriate solutions
  • A user friendly design of PYP’s and MT’s for better comprehension and understanding
  • Smart study planner and tips on the better preparation of the examination


The content have been verified by Army veterans having twenty five years of military service who have ensured the availability of necessary resources for preparation of these books